Best Bloody Mary Mix

best bloody mary mix

Bloody Mary cocktail and Bloody Mary folklore are two very popular creations with interwoven histories. Either we attribute its origin to Queen Mary I of England or Hary’s bar in New York, one interesting thing about this cocktail is its universal acceptability. It could be taken in the morning to relieve hangover, in the afternoon as an appetizer or enjoyed all night long. In any circumstance Bloody Mary is a good choice and very interestingly it is a Vodka drink.

Cherry Clamato Bloody Mary

Apology to my American friends who invented the classic Bloody Mary but I’d recommend this for Canadian National Day purely because of their love for Clamato juice (a twisted tomato juice). However, Bloody Mary culture is purely of a New Yorker.

For a bartender, Bloody Mary is an “anything-goes” complex drink but for an innovative chef, it could simply be a “cold soup”

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Bloody Mary Recipe


Glass: Highball

Method: Muddling

Vodka – 45ml
Lemon juice – 15ml
Clamato juice – 90ml
Cherry tomatoes - 3 whole pieces (fresh ripe)
Worcestershire sauce – 3 dashes
Tabasco sauce – 2 dashes
Pinch of salt
Pinch of black pepper
Procedure: Muddle the cherry tomatoes, combine the rest of the ingredients, mix interchangeably between two shakers, pour over ice.
Garnish: Celery stick and cherry tomato (optional: lemon, olives, prawn etc)
Variations: Replace Vodka with any other alcohol (spirits, beer, wine etc)

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bloody mary mix               
Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix

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