Corona Lime Brazilian Caipirinha

Caipirinha Cocktail: The National Drink of Brazil

caipirinha cocktail recipe
Caipirinha gives Cachaca the popularity it enjoys today and also its transformation from a poor's drink to one of the most cherished alcoholic drinks in the world today.

So, if you do find yourself on the beach of Rio, kindly ask a bartender to make you a Caipirinha from one of over 4,000 brands of Cachaca Rum locally available.

Cultural Caipirinha Cocktail Recipes

caipirinha cocktail recipe


Glass: Rock

Method: Muddling and Pressing

Cachaca - 60ml
Corona Lime - 1 whole piece (very juicy lime)
Sugarcane syrup - 20ml (crude sugar)
Procedure: Combine lime wedges, sugarcane syrup in a rock glass and muddle, add ice, Cachaca and stir.
Garnish: Fresh sugarcane stick
Variation: Batidas (addition of fruit, juice, puree and/or liqueur), Caipiroska (Vodka instead of Rum)

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