Home Bar Setup Accessories

Home Bar Design

There is a general misconception that has remained with many of us for so long that a home bar must be designed with the house or that a big space is required to manage a standard home bar but the truth is that many of us don't build our house and we end up moving to an apartment limited by space or rather has no home bar in its architecture, hence the call for a Portable Home Bar as the simple solution. Aside from this, it can easily be customized to meet up with trend and vogue, inexpensive and also movable to different location as we may deem fit.

A simple web search will generate various ideas on portable home bar to suit budget and taste. The simple truth is everyone deserves a bar at home, not just for personal contentment but also a symbol of hospitality to visitors and also the best necessity for house parties.
home barPortable, Movable Home Bar Sample

The above sample can be left open to showcase the content or close while away to ward off intruders.

Home Bar Accessories

As we all know, a home bar is not meant to be a storage cabinet where we keep our bottles, instead it needs a life of its own and to make it more interesting we should be inviting friends and families over for wine tasting, cocktail or mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail) experiment, house party and so on. Hence, the need for necessary accessories to make these possible. I have managed to list some basic ones below which are necessary for a befitting home bar but note the list is inconclusive as you may add your own.

Below are different types of glasses every home bar should have. However, I would recommend acrylic for the outdoor. Quantity, quality and brand are a matter of individual choices.
highball glassrock glassbeer mug  white wine glassred wine glass champagne wine glass cordial glass brandy baloon glassdecanter glass    martini glassmargarita glassirish coffee glass         
shooter glass

Bar Condiments

Fresh fruits, sugar syrup, salt, pepper, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, agave syrup, olives, cocktail onions and so on. The list here is endless depending on personal cocktail choices.
Bar Tools

In order to explore different aspects of the bar which includes making drinks, some basic tools as listed below are needed to do this efficiently. Also, the list is inconclusive.
bar caddy bar spoon bottle opener champagne stopper chilling rock cocktail coaster cocktail flask cocktail pick cocktail shaker cocktail stirrer cocktail strainer cocktail straw ice bucket ice crusher 474058_SS ICE SCOOP                  ice tong   measure or jigger muddler  peeler rimmer  speed pourer squeezer 450018_AMBER_GLASS_BOTTLE wine vacuum wine stopper
pepper mill
These accessories can be found at the Online Drink Store for a befitting home bar.

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